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Re: Signature Showdown! Roboturkey Wins!
this is Sieg, you have just been pwned by the skillage of PF image editing skills =P

i think if you don't include Civeus and lonelyducky --hay it's not wrong to say ur lucky lol-- PF has the best image editors around.

PS want a sig or avi like mine, gif's. empream kicks? go to the market and buy one from me!
Re: Signature Showdown! Roboturkey Wins!
*cough* It LonelyDucky *cough*
<ducky> The game.
<siku> ducky: i didnt know this was 2005 and 4chan
<siku> sorry, i hate the game and you should shut the fuck up about that retarded bullshit
<siku> you should link us to awesome and edgy motivational pics next or maybe pedobear
<siku> inb4 rep needs toriprime or vip lmao rofl that /b/ is grate
<siku> is this the part where you educate me on memes, further showcasing your amazing 4chan findings
<siku> word x is a meme lmao rofl
<+veb> someone make ducky smod