Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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I am about to make a movie of Toribash!Send me cool replays so YOU may be in the movie!Everbody can be in movie!If someone has more than 10 karma and a really good karma i will do the dismemberment parts two times!one in slow-motion!So!the starting one shall be this!OWNAGE of danny_the_manny!(His nickname is hoompa)And the second one shall be, of course,a cool one.
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Re: Quickly!
Both!You can do single-payer and multi-player!

You can also do single player with uke moving too!

So.... where is your replay

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hey i havnt seen any replays by any one else, so ill be a pionere and gice you some,
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So they are all really good so they will come in as following:

katana's destroyer
best signature
1katana contest
1katana headbutt
katana body break to head slam
1half for more

THEY were all good!I applaude you.You made my Toribash Movie a blast!I shall put you in the credits,FIRST!
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i have made the ultimate finalle. IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!has an end pose too for the black out or what ever you are going to do at the end
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