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1200 is average.

So no. It's not good.

Are you sure? I got this

Too many duo Q games. MMR might be inaccurate.
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Also, the average mmr for your league might be 957, but the average of all of league is much higher than that.
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The average mmr is 1.2k, which is silver 5. If you are under that, you are below average.
MMR? What is that?

Also, my first game in ranked was a defeat. The Ezreal cried and fed bot then DC'd, the Karthus switches lane instead of pushing, the Lux only knew how to KS, I was fucked by their Jax, and the other 2 at bot. Game was cancer.

The 3 wins were in soloQ(yoloQ) and the loss was Duo.. lmao.

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Don't bother with duo unless you have at the very least 50 games of experience with them on normals and such or else it will be much harder to win. Not to mention that your other team mates would probably have no idea what you both are planning so learning to communicate with the entire team is a must.
Like when my team is doing bad but Jon and I do well and think we can win, we ask everyone if they can build a little tanky so that they can peel and let me carry. Worst case scenario and no one builds tanky, Jon will no matter what support he's on.
"they're like enormous pillows of disgusting girly meat" ~Orih 2016
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Well to be fair, first pick shouldn't have to announce their role

When everyone else was all settled and being polite about it, and he fucks up everyones pick, people really should. Its really bad mannered.