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[dog] history
[dog] History
The dog clan was founded by Max on October, 30th 2019.
The clan was first named (xbt) xzibit, the classical
toribash meme emoji on the forums that was also named :lol:.
Max started xzibit as only a meme clan which ended up having some joining and leaving until Royal
fell from heaven and lead (xbt) with Max. Months go by and so both Max and Royal decided to change the clan's name
to (ODB) Oxford Dough Boys which was an old clan that Royal once lead back in 2016.
Oxford Dough Boys was in a time when the clan started to grow fast and become known by the community, some of the notable
members that joined Oxford Dough Boys are Waldo (board moderator) Hanad, Noobie, Mystery, Yoshiman60, Umbrella, Piss and Counter.
A year goes into 2020, life is good, clan is growing, becoming more known, kicking even more ass as usual until the Oxford Dough Boys
come to a sudden stop and goes inactive, Max disappears and stops playing toribash for the millionth time, the clan goes dark, nobody is active
and forgotten.

A few months go by until Max comes back from the dead and gets back in touch with the boys, they get chatting and decide once again to change the clans name...
This was the last time we changed the name, I promise... The boys decide the change the clans name to [dog], reason being? because Max loves dogs and despises cats
and so he thought it'd be a funny meme, which it was... people started calling us a (dog)shit clan, (dog)shit members so on so forth... obviously they weren't all wrong but
they hate us because they ain't us. As we start getting the clan back to being active, we start recruiting more players and ended up recruiting a special lad called Porn...
the name was special and golden because it only meant one thing... (dog)porn, this became a massive meme for a little amongst the community in-game for a solid couple of months until
the meme died miserably but it still made a come back every once in a while.

Months go by until July 2020, dog is doing brilliantly, we have a solid group of mad lads, active, somewhat a competitive clan but more a chilled out group of friends
having a good time, Max and Royal decide to whip their balls out and go all out... apply for [dog] to become official. This became the biggest news ever, everyone in the clan was so excited
and we had loads of support from the community, cheering us on to complete the ultimate goal we have been dreaming about since day 1.
1 month goes by, it's August 30th, 2020 and Max get's a mass spam in the dog discord... "WE ARE OFFICIAL OMG" "CONGRATS ON BECOMING OFFICIAL" Max became confused but excited
because he can't believe what just happened, he quickly logs in to Toribash and see's several members in a server with the sexiest brackets ever, "[dog]", Max joins that session and
is bombarded with messages from everyone.

Since then, dog has been known by many, notably by Siku, who once said that the clan name [dog] was a good name.
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