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max's magnificent community idea's
This will be a thread of all my idea's that I think should be added into toribash.
All of these aren't even a joke, I'm actually serious about all of these but I already know that these might not be implemented because my idea's are too magnificent for the small brains of the toribashians.

I will be posting frequent idea's when I think of one and I shall edit them into the top post (here) with the rest of my idea's to keep track... and no, nobody else can post their idea's on MY thread please, if you do I will just delete your post and take credit for your idea if I like it.



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This had been mentioned countless amount of times and most of those times I’ve mentioned it but I honestly think it has been thrown to the side. This idea is to make a toribash app with everything you need in 1 place:
• Forums
• In-game broadcast
With notifications
• Forum broadcast
With notifications
• Full 3D model of your own tori
• Marketing
Sell items a lot easier with a new system
• Transfer TC & Items with a different system
This will make it easier for players to transfer things
• Clan page
Clan board for official clans
Adding notifications when someone posts

With all of these, notifications can be turned on and off, you can pick where you would like to get notifications from, that being from your clan page, marketing thread, private messages, specific threads etc.

Obviously this could be a challenge to actually make but I’m sure it would be worth it if you want a more active community, rather than people having to log on to the forums every day to check every single thread to see if anyone has replied to your post or have even posted anything then to just waste your time in the end when nobody has.

Obviously discord is basically this idea BUT not everyone knows where to find specific people on discord and you’ll have to go around asking “what is *user*’s discord name”

This is less likely to ever happen but it’s a suggestion for the future.

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The main idea:
Having a minimum of 3 - 5 people (preferably 5 players) to create an actual clan.

This was an idea I thought of recently but I was debating whether this would be anything to worth suggesting in here considering that Toribash isn't a massive game but then thought "This can stop a mass spam of random clans being made and it can put more eyes on new clans a lot easier"
A lot of solo players tend to make new clans on their own and nowadays it is so hard to recruit because everyone is in a clan now or won't join a clan. This can also stop people spamming clan threads in the clan board.

Main question to myself is how would you do this? HAVING to get a minimum 3 - 5 players in a party to create a clan in the forums/in-game so that the system knows?

Another suggestion