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New clan video!
as we have discussed on discord we want to make a new clanvideo.
Pavor volunteered to edit it,thx man.

Post the replays you want to have in the video in this thread.
Any kind of replay is ok be it multiplayer,singleplayer,spar..whatever u like.
I dont want to set a maximum amount of replays but i think 5-10 replays/person is enough.("normal" multiplayer pvp ones i mean.)
Also , if you have any suggestion for the music which you think should be used in the video suggest /post the music here.

The old clanvideo for fl0w is over 6 years old now and most of the players in that one are inactive now.
I will post it here for memories sake.
i'd like that very much
What kind of replays should we put. Also will it have some sort script?
Pm me for deals
You can post any kind of replay insanity.
I dont think there will be script.
Just let the artists "go with the fl0w". ;-)
I found some badass replays, all in Multiplayer

really into lenshu atm
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lenshu od.rpl (69.2 KB, 3 views)
lenshu yee.rpl (90.9 KB, 3 views)
parkour sumsum.rpl (601.1 KB, 2 views)
Enjoint life
my replays for video
abd spar lenshu
4th one
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feeel like sparing.rpl (87.8 KB, 1 views)
first time sapring.rpl (545.7 KB, 1 views)
split kick.rpl (30.0 KB, 2 views)
lenshu replay.rpl (88.0 KB, 1 views)
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So, cl is over.
As i said a few weeks ago on discord:

There were several atempts to make a clanvideo and in my experience it usually fails because people are unsure which replays they want to submit for that.They usually want 100%,superawesome,360noscope replays but lets be real those are 1. superrare 2. usually only singleplayer/spar replays 3. 90 percent of the people here are pvp/multiplayer players.

Therefore i tell you now: Dont worry to much which replays you pick.My suggestion to everyone who hasnt posted replays in this thread untill now is to pick some replays from this years clanleague.Those will be real multiplayerreplays ,100% real toribash pvp matches, and just let the artist work with those.

Here you can find every replay from this years cl.

Download it and skip through your own replays and post a few that you like from it.