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Toribash 4.4 beta 7 (win, osx)

New Features:
- Replay speed (control with ,.)
- Fixed pausing replay and pressing replay to play properly at the speed previously set
- Added blood removal in reverse replay option
- Added vertical scroll bar to options menu when game height is below options height
- Added loading replay can change replay speed immediately
- Added caching blood particle, blood stain, hair
- Removed replay speed from hair step
- Fixed minimum resolution when setting with resolution option command

New options:
- added flag option
- new hair styles

New in Beta7:
- improved hair fps in shader, raytracing
- fixed hair not rendering in shader on no reflection
- raised connection timeout for autoupdate, captialized download message, prevent crash on dns timeout in osx
Reporting a bug: Windows 7 32 bits.

Won't let me choose toribash.exe as the default program to open .rpl files (through the open with, browse..., etc.)
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Oh hampa is there a possible way u can get shaders even tho ur video card is not all that good I'm to lazy to buy one ain't no body got time for dat lol

Vertex shaders require hardware capable of doing them, it's just the nature of the beast.

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Toribash crashes when I open a recently saved replay in the same version (beta 7) when I press on load.

Edit: It does not do this when using quick load.