Welcome. also dont trust mcdill <insert whispers here> He is suspsicious.

Just kidding.

I don't know what to write.........oh I know any pro peeps around that could teach me some new stuff , such as spin or like making counters and stuff like that but for now thanks for reading .......peace on the streets saaaaaaaaaaannnn. :3
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Oh thank you so much Rhaemondzzzkie(it took me 5 mins to write your name tho)
Well search for pr0 ppl mhmmm good idea : D

oh, I love that sarcasm.. no offense, raeh ;o eh..
<psst>Don't ever trust miku ;o, she's not a girl.
nailed it.
Hi btw.
Perhaps I could teach you some day, I'm a Unibash ingame tester so I could teach you one weekend, just pm me to arrange a date and time ;)
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Need help with anything? PM me
I can teach you the basics of aikido, and possibly some avanced techniques too. Just catch me in-game or PM me and I can tell you more.

Oh, and there's also the aikido school -
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Hello guys iam new to toribash.Iam 14 and I like this game very much.But I need a teacher so no one can make fun of me as for they did in some servers...


Kick and hold them (using hands).
Or just practice with Uke in the fight school.
I like KFC
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