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Better tourney bracket/formulation
So I just come home and though "What if, you never had to wait in toribash tourneys.". So I made a system where you never have to wait more than 2 and a half second after you have been playing.
So this is based on people playing at the same time.
This could also be used for betting servers.
So here's a picture of what it should look like with the camera out-zoomed.
\!/ This image is not perfectly made, but I hope you get the idea. \!/
\!/ Those are not actuall fights, those are made up fights, I used the command /dl (name) and /lp 0/1 (name). \!/
(In the mod aikidobigdojo.tbm)

There should be a limit on how many players that should join. And in this system the limit is six.
This might cause a lot of lag. But in my opinion it'd be worth it.
Issues so far
1. What happens if a skeet hits one of the other matches? (Or a dismembered body-part.)
2. What happens if a match ends early through a dq?
3. What happens if one player disconnects?
4. What happens if one player pings?
5. Doesn't that mean that the damage-points, timer, name and clan tag will over-lap?
6. Won't the sound f*ck up even more like in the latest toribash update?

Answers so far
1. A dismembered body-part will not be able to enter another dojo, it should bounce away like it was a shield.
2. The person who wins in that match will have to wait a couple of more seconds.
3. The tourney will stop untill someone else joins and can take over the guy who left.
4. He will get 10 seconds to re-connect, or another player will join and take over him.
5. No, you'll only be able to see your own and your opponents.
6. No, you will only be able to hear your own sounds and hits, since you're so far away from the other matches.
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