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"Guess da replay"
Hi there, i'm making an event called "Guess da replay" there's a screenshot under, make a replay which shows how i made it, best replay will get 5k ( half of my money;p). If u've done replay easy next time i'll take a screenshot with harder move;p
-Mod: Classic, u can't change anything
-u need to DM uke in same places like me
-no replay hax & stealing
-max 2 replays( pay 250 tc if u want to post 3rd, the money that i'll get goes to winner)

Event ends on 11 of May

There's screenshot:
here's a replay how you made it
i'm see this event and made a replay to join.
ow sorry my replay stays on native language,the replay name is "event replay".
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zreplay do evento.rpl (68.8 KB, 73 views)
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