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Brrr Spars
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Here two new spars
Feel free in cnc and rate
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Brrr vs Aadame Cool Spar.rpl (635.0 KB, 124 views)
Brrr vs Victor4554.rpl (536.6 KB, 98 views)
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Spar with crocap :

Your really first contact was a bit weird, his hand touched your head. I really loved the flip from his hands but the landing was weird ;)

Try to make your hits like the other is dodging it, not only like "i kick under or over to don't touch him".

Badass stance at the end <3

For your next spars, I would like to see you connect more your hits, you can do it

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I really enjoyed your spar with crocap it was very good but, the first contact wasn't necessary, i know how difficult is stop or jump for a kick when you're running, btw the rest of the sparring was well done, great job.
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Cool moves Brrr, i enjoyed that replay.
The variety was good, and your movement looks strong.

GJ do more like that
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Spar with omega:-
I really liked the way you kicked and punched,Reminds me of large somehow...But the last scene isn't pretty impressive,Omega's hands 'n' such,Although i liked that idea.
GJ tho,i want to see more brr .
EDIT: i had to,i just had to.
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