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Zaa's awesome shmup thread

all games in the list are PAL versions ( exept ARC ones, those were played on MAME )

list of recommended gamesh to be continued..

competitions here:

edit1: added shikigami 2 and dodonpachi.

edit2: got taito legends 2 yesterday, added G-Darius.

edit3: >year, lol eleeleth
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Heheh, that's awesome, combining shmups with Zaa graphics XD
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I might make a small recommended shmups for MAME list too, since thats pretty much accessable to everyone, should I?
I wholeheartedly approve of this thread.

EDIT: Oh, god, I failed, hard.
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I demand that Irakuga & the Gun Bird series are added to the list! ^_^

(yes I know it's old, but it's quality)

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yeah well, this hasnt been updated in ages. I think the lineform document lagged a lot though so I may not be able to. Ikaruga* I prefer other psikyo stuff over the gunbird series tbh.

edit: check out the guys other vids as well, epic win.
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Just pointing out;

G Darius is Gradius when re-arranged, a name of 2 games in that list ^_^.
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Update complete. (I have a bad case of second-last level syndrome)

SiriusG, you sure do find new ways of spamming.
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