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Darwinia [PC]
Darwinia is a real time strategy game in which you are thrust into the complex world of the internet where man sporting a beard and spectacles tells you to go and complete some basic tasks for him involving killing alot of red snakes(viri) to restore peace and tranquility to the virtual planet of Darwinia.

Not turning this into a review, but it's proboably better to set aside the delecate matter of graphics because it isn't exactly pretty.

Moving on this is a game for the most part is a game for the hardcore gaming bunch. But in the dreary season of bollock's-all's-coming-out it's nice to sit back and reflect on the difficult birth of a real oldschool game.

Graphics(unimportant): 2/10
Gameplay: 8/10
User Interface: 7/10

You can purchase it from steam for dirt cheap, if you are going to buy it then do it now because steam won't let the holiday reductions go on forever.

Echomarine 4 the win
You can't give it low marks for graphics - it's stylish!

None the less twas a great game, and has recently had it's sequel Multiwinia released. Oh yeah, that's coming to XBLA too.

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2/10 for graphics, so you are a 3dfag right?

graphics dont have to be 3d to be good :)

Also thanks for reminding me of this game, i played it a long time ago but never finished it. ;o