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[Event]DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?! Presented by Fr3styL

Do you think you got what it takes to be a member of Fr3styL?!
Well here's your chance to prove it!

The Fr3styL Clan is hosting an event of epic proportions!
The only thing YOU need to do, is show us what you got!
You can enter this competition with anything you're good at.
As long as it's toribash related. So texturing, artwork, replays,
video making etc!

Here are the rules:

Maximum entries:


Has to be made from scratch for this event! No pre made stuff allowed.
Maximum entry: 2 sets, or one set and 3 heads.

You can enter with maximal 5 replays.

Your art has to be made from scratch, and has to be tori related.
Edited screenshot are welcome to. Maximum entry: 3 pieces of art.

You can enter with a video of maximal 5 minutes!

Of course you can combine all of this.
So you might even enter using a video, with an epic intro using a banner you made yourself,
crazy replays of yourself with a self made textureset.

The judges will be Jaxxx (Video), Fistfury (Replays), AlphasoniK (Art and textures) and Hippybob (General).

And now the part you'll find interesting! PRIZES!

1st prize: 50k, Prime and a spot in Fr3styL!
2nd prize: 50k and a spot in Fr3styL!
3rd prize: A spot in Fr3styL!

The Fr3styL Clan is a fun and skillful clan, we host fun competitions
for our members, and we are generally fun to play with. If you would
like to be part of our family, this is your chance to join us, and even get
something for it!

Good luck all!

You cannot enter this competition if you're not willing to join.
Current members aren't allowed to enter this competition.

PS. If you leave the clan straight after, don't blame us when your account is banned and you have no internets ~Anonymous E-Terrorist
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Fr3styL . Improving by Improvising
I'm an artist.
Jeezus, those tags make us look like pedos...
Which we aren't, by the way... *looks shifty*.
Im trying to get in Fr3styl but I don't have the qi so here:

I made this head texture:

And I also now make avatars and sometimes signatures: SIGNATURE

Awsome... 1st contest entry!
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Hmmmm what to say... Well your avatar is a screen shot cut down to size. It looks washed out and pixely. The head is simple, but looks pretty good in a Hampa(His head) kind of way.The sig is a gradient with an added border and a screenshot witch is cropped nicely if you created the text by hand then great job. Overall your not out standing but worth a look into.

▲ ▲
cool thanks and for these i was in kind of a hurry. i could do better but it would take at least 2 hours. its hard to make stuff like that without a specific request
Try to make something expressing that you want to get into Fr3styL.

The letters are a Font.
This entry isn't really mind blowing ;)
Try again.
Fr3styL . Improving by Improvising
I'm an artist.
Hi, i'm a brown belt and rank 9566. My qi is 801 atm. Here's a entry from me :

Video :
I think this video turned out to be good altough i thinked it would suck . I'm not a "pro" video editor but i'm learning

Replays : (Attachments)
My replay names suck and they are dumb. My favorite one is the "awesome decap"

My real life hobbies are : Skating, Golf, Gaming
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