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Highest Jump -30 Gravity
more of an idea if anything, but worth a try

I wanted to make the initial height higher but whatever

and I can't upload it here for whatever reason so I had to drop in in the fire
is kyure alive?
it should be a record, it's pretty challenging getting high in -30 gravity. but i think it might be too specific for the judges as we have like 4 records of highest jumping
pm me your questions or applications

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There are only 2 for jumping, in which is regular gravity with and without uke's assistance. and I just did this in specific because -30 is the other mainly used gravity with toribash shit. one can only hope god's grace will shine on me this one time.
so in addition I added it with uke's assistance
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is kyure alive?
well idk if it's valid because no one is saying anything
also fuck you 7.23
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is kyure alive?
I'm not sure if the BoR are accepting -30 records now. In the past, they never accepted ANYTHING that was not in default gravity, excluding running records. The rules no longer state anything regarding -30 gravity now. I'm sure it was just a mistake, and the just forgot to put that rule in. But just in case...


Mine now. Thanks.

EDIT: they aren't. So this isn't a valid record.
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If were going to add a -30 gravity version to this record, are we going to do that with some of the others, too?

I dont know I just feel like its kinda unnecessary to add several gravity variations as well. We already have enough records that vary in distance and assistance of uke.
I don't see the problem.
A large group of players prefer -30 over 982 and setting records should appeal to as many players as possible.

What's the downside of it?