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[Clan Event] The Gauntlet Of Tank
Welcome To The Gauntlet

This is a Clan vs Clan event very similar to that of Clan League. Each Clan must make a roster of who will be competing from their clan. Then Each Clan will be put into a "random" Generator (just gonna pick a number out of the hat). Then once all the Clans have been organized each will be competing against each other.

1.No Alts in Different clans
2.Each Clan must have at least 7 members chosen to participate
3.At the beginning of The Clan battle each clan must take a screenshot showing they agreed to start the matches
4.Each win must be screenshot and with both clans Stating the Score
5.Any Clan to Fail to Compete/show up within the first 2 weeks will be disqualified (must provide evidence that the clan has not attempted to compete/or has not responded either)
6.Each member of your Clan is only allowed 3 Matches(can be split up between mods or they can do all 3 same mod)
7. There must be 7 matches per mod
8. Each Level of the bracket will have a period of time to complete all 21 matches(I will update this as we go forward)
9. All Screenshots must be turned in after completion of the whole war and sent to me via pm


1st Place: 600k split across each member + Random Items
2n Place: 300k split across each member + Random Items
3rd Place: 100k split across each member + Random Items

Must Register Below by: 2/1/19
Clan Name
Members Participating

If you have any Questions you can pm me on forums or on discord [Great Grandfather Convict#7390]
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Hi, first and foremost, I apologize on the somewhat lengthy time it has taken staff to reach an agreement about this matter. Our approach in reaching the conclusion had a few factors. We took these three things into consideration; keeping users happy, damage control/prevention, and accountability of the host.

With everything said, I have given Convict one last message to see if he has 100%, without a doubt, chance to finish this event on his own. If he can not, or chooses not to finish the event, I'll be getting someone to transfer the TC to a member of each respective clan that most qualifies for each prize. That respective clan member will then have their own obligation to send out the TC to their other clan members as they wish. We are choosing to not give out the secondary prizes of "Random Items". This would be too problematic and may be conflicting. I hope you are all satisfied with the outcome.

With something like this brought into light, we are also going to add a rule in the Events board giving clarity for this very exact, and similar issues that may come. There will be a very clear rule stating something along the lines of... "Failure to uphold your responsibilities as an event host may result in a ban. We may also send prizes (TC/Items) from your account to compensate any party affected. Failure to uphold responsibilities can be defined as moderators see fit, but will typically be defined as: 1) Failure to send prizes after an event is finished. 2) Abandoning an event with substantial progress made." I realize this is quite lengthy, and I'll probably condense as much as I can. But this is what is in the pot as it stands right now.

As a last note: The ban can vary to 1-3 months, up to moderator discretion. This ban can later be appealed in Ban Appeals and may be lowered. Our typical scamming/duel scamming rules are in compliance with that length of time. Essentially, this is no different from a scam. I wanted to be 100% transparent here and let you guys know the full length of everything. Additionally, we as staff want to have little to no intervention when it comes to events. We want users to have the space to have fun, free from "staff looking down upon you." I hope you all can agree with everything stated here. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions what-so-ever. You can send a Private Message, or send one on discord.

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

TC sent and event is now over.

TC to Aeon and Fade, they represent Hack and win respectively. The TC for Evolution will remain on Convicts account. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

A final disclaimer, The two I've chosen to take the TC are responsible for dishing it out to other members of the clan. They may distribute as they wish.

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم