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Season 6

Toribash Ranking is back with Season 6!
Defeat other players in ranked mode, climb ranks and get exclusive rewards!

About Toribash Ranking
All Brown Belt+ players can participate in Season 6 by playing ranked games in special ranked rooms or via ranked matchmaking.
Your first 10 ranked games' outcome will be used to put you in your starting rank tier. Toribash ranking uses Elo system as its base, so with every fight you win you gain some Elo points based on your opponent's rank (and vice versa). The more Elo points you have, the better rank you get.

Rank Tiers
After playing qualification matches, you will receive a rank tier depending on your Elo:

Elo Hell (0 - 1550)
Bronze (1550 - 1575)
Silver (1575 - 1595)
Gold III (1595 - 1615)
Gold II (1615 - 1630)
Gold I (1630 - 1645)
Platinum III (1645 - 1660)
Platinum II (1660 - 1675)
Platinum I (1675 - 1690)
Diamond (1690+)

Ranked Quests
Aside from classic end-of-season rewards, this time you will be able to get additional rewards throughout the whole season by completing ranked quests, which will feature Season 6 exclusive color items and brand new 3D items! Number of quests you can get isn't limited, so the more you play the more items you can get as rewards!

Top ranked player
600,000 Toricredits
60 Shiai Tokens

Ranks #2-10 (Global)
100,000 Toricredits
20 Shiai Tokens

Top 5 Ranks (each mod)
50,000 Toricredits
5 Shiai Tokens

Diamond Players
Diamond Tori 3D item pack
Color Pack of choice *
Comic Effects

Platinum I Players
Random Elite Tier joints
Comic Effects

Platinum II Players
Random Tier X joints
Comic Effects

Platinum III Players
Random Tier IX joints
Hit Effects

Gold I Players
Random Tier VIII joints
Hit Effects

Other Gold Players
Hit Effects

Quest completion rewards
Up to full Meteor color set
Up to full Stone Relax 3D item set


Other Info
Toribash Ranking features Elo decay which will affect inactive players within Platinum and Diamond tiers.
Inactive Platinum tier players will start losing 1 Elo point for every day of inactivity after they stay inactive for 2 weeks, and Diamond tier players will start losing their Elo after 1 week of inactivity.

You can only receive end-of-season prizes on one account.

Users caught rank farming or abusing the system will have their Elo reset back to default.
Severe cases of farming / exploiting will also result in account termination.

Season 6 ends on December 1st, 2019

Once the season is over, top 64 ranked players will be invited to participate in 2019 World Championships, which will take place later in December.

Good luck and have fun playing!

* excluding Onyx
judofrac > boxshu

hoes mad cus they cant play it
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Originally Posted by WerNerWerr View Post
it says excluding Onyx at the bottom, why tho lmao

because it's meant to be an exclusive, only for players with 50k+ qi
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If I'm platinum and get back on gold, will I receive the platinum rewards or the gold rewards?
There isn't anything to show your highest elo that you reached so I don't think so.

If sir or anything else can give any other info, would be nice

so in your case I think you'd get gold rewards
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Why are the top 64 players the only ones allowed to enter the championship? Make an event to qualify the players man, its very hard to get that rank this late in th season now
i've started playing again lately, and im a guy who doesn't give ''ranked'' rooms any attention because of how hard it is to gain elo espically that most players that join have a very low elo and i won't gain alot from beating them unless i streak for 10hours straight, diamond who won the wc 2018 will not be performing in 19 because he didn't play 24/7 in these ranked rooms, itemp aswell who is also a good player worth playing in such a big event and many other pros, you don't want an event under the name ''world championship'' to not contain the best players of toribash. Right?