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[DOG] friends & enemies
Mwah ~ black
Haku - homem anavel
Goughy~ Whiskey is a mans drink
Fade ~ Has same last name as max +respect
Static ~ Static
Siku ~
Suka ~ +Respect
Nokia ~ Mr GIF Man
Zephh ~ Kind sir who asked to be allied
Goat ~ Pretty fucking swwwweeet
Bailey ~ Humps kangaroo's
bob ~ (Sponge)Bob
Jennie ~ Nice person who knows their manners
Melrose ~ Has a fashion sense
[TANG] ~ Cool replay makers
[n] ~ Literal n words but we like them
(xp) ~ ToXiC
[NO] ~ Legends
(cat) ~ The Madladz

If you don't see your name in this list of wonderful people, then welcome to the enemies list.
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