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[DOG] history
[dog] History
The dog clan has been around since October, 30th 2019 founded by Max. Later in the year 2019 Royal joined the clan and was promoted to leader. A month goes by with already having some of the coolest players around such as Hanad who has been with us since day 1 and Zeus, Max and Royal come to the agreement to change the clans name to (ODB) aka Oxford Dough Boys which is a recreation from Royal's clan back in 2016.

Oxford Dough Boys was what made the clan most recognisable back then and is what made us what we are today and it also bought in loads of new members such as the legendary waldo who was promoted to xzibit's clan board moderator (woohoo), Mystery we haven't seen in a while, Yoshiman60, Umbrella, Rifle The Shitposter (scary) and Counter The Roadman and last but not least Noobie.

Later in the year 2020 we changed the clan name to [dog] dog which was a new start for the clan after Max went inactive and ODB went dark. The name dog was simply from Max loving dog's and nothing more because who doesn't love dogs? dog was known for that one clan full of memes like [dog]porn and close friends, we got more active then ever... having new members join which made dog move over to a slight competitive clan by warring more clans and showing people we can kick some serious ass.

dog has never been a competitive clan, we never participated in Clan League (yet), we have never cared much for clan wars and we have never cared if you could counter a snap kick which is why most members have not left, because we are all close friends who have a good time.

This clan will never die and we will leave a mark in the community.

I may add to this in the future.
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