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[DOG] amendments
On September 22, 2020, royal and max signed EO 2099. EO 2099 includes the following amendments to the [dog] clan.
  • royal, The Head Honcho Supreme, King of the Earth, Owner of All Titles, has supreme authority and has sworn an oath to be Sovereign over this Nation. This oath is unbreakable and shall last until term expirations
    • Term Expiration - 9/9/9999
  • max, the Head Honcho Commander, King of Gravity, Writer of Laws, Apostle of Muscle has enacted as such:
    • All posters must post their true thoughts
    • Lies, deceit and fairytales are allowed and encouraged to be dramatized to the fullest potential as propaganda for our mind virus. Program all who read our forum.
    • Any and all loopholes in the rules are rendered null and void according to my Supreme Authority over this finite space.
    • royal and I are both the sole law makers and changers and may change any rule at any time for any reason.
  • royal, The Head Honcho Supreme, King of the Earth, Owner of All Titles has enacted as such:
    • Hanad shall henceforth be called Hanad, King of Purity. Saint of Debauchery.
    • Mystery shall henceforth be called Mystery, King of Nothing, Loved by All
    • Waldo shall henceforth be called Waldo, King of Stealth, Seeker of Truth
    • counter shall henceforth be called Counter, Tycoon of Knowledge, Devotee of Absence
    • Umbrella shall henceforth be called Umbrella, Protector of All, Apostle of Shelter
    • yoshiman60 shall henceforth be called Yoshi, King of Motion, Great Dancer of Spring
    • seer shall henceforth be called Seer, King of Sight, Psychic of Time
    • overlorddj shall henceforth be called Overlord, King of Pattern, Incarnate of Pride
    • Ocle shall henceforth be called Ocle, Ember of Soul, The People's Tribute
    • swag20 shall henceforth be called Swag, Encompassing Hand of DOG
    • cryboi1 shall henceforth be called Cri, Song of the Wind, Howl of the Earth, Gaia
    • Phisis shall henceforth be called Phi, Rule of Sound, Owner of Verbiage
    • Ross shall henceforth be called Ross. Heretic of Dawn, Ruler of The Abyss
    • Advens shall henceforth be called Advent, Genesis of Art, Forger of Identities
    • rifle shall henceforth be called Rifle, Composer of Compositions, Painter of Prose, King of Poets
    • Porn shall henceforth be called Porn, Deceiver of Earth, Incarnate of Lust, Lord Libido

Speak below to claim your title.
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hi im also here
Lord Libido, Incarnate of Lust, Deceiver of Earth
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hi im also here
Lord Libido, Incarnate of Lust, Deceiver of Earth

ngl that’s a title worth having, I’m jelly
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post a title you’d like to have mate, I think that me and royal can add some people, but not everyone! Considering you are part of [dog] and helped us get this far
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On this day, Sunday, September 27th, in the Year of Our Lord 2020, Karnage shall henceforth be called Karnage, Glutton of Malice, King of the Sword, Satan Embodied.

Shall this title forever echo the praises of the one to whom it belongs.


Let us come together, Bearer of Titles, and welcome our newest brother into the ranks, into our family and home.

Welcome, Karnage, Glutton of Malice, King of the Sword, Satan Embodied.
The pleasure is all mine. I am proud to be able to disperse this energy to fellow my brothers.

That being said, the Title Bearers are an exclusive group. When max or I deem you worthy of Bearing a Title, I shall make it known via this thread.

You can also nominate yourself for a title. There is no shame in recognizing your greatness lurking within, in fact, I implore you to unleash your ego, let the depths of your personality shine through this dark forum. Cascade your light into our lives, Future Brothers.