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i tried gow and gow2 both once, most boring time ive ever had in my life.

whether it be the constant repetitive running hiding and shooting with marcus fenix, or whether it be the bullcrap storyline.

i dont know, but i think its a-bit dodgy.
Could have been a little better if u could do more things instead of feeding a freaking rock worm some fruit, by shooting it with a bullet that would surely pulverise it.

Well games aren't for every Ivory. But GoW is actually a revolutionary third-person-shooter on account of it's highly fast paced combat and cover system. There have been games alike it, but not as creative as these games.

The story was obviously just like Halo a little bit, (GoW 2) on account of the bad guys coming to destroy Sera, but hey, that's how all shooters are right?

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I have left Toribash, but will drop in occasionally on the forums and IRC. Still in Sigma.
Thankz you meh good sir.
I have left Toribash, but will drop in occasionally on the forums and IRC. Still in Sigma.
for me,the sotry fo gow 2 is more nice than gow 1,but the longevity of gow 1 is more than gow 2
[HELP]Gears Of War.
Ok guys i need some help.

I have just purchased Gears of War 2. I haven't played the first one and i would like to know if number 2 carries on from the first. If it does carry on, can someone please give me a quick plot summary of GoW 1 and how it carries on to number 2.

Be quick if possible, i want to play the game!
Yes it does carry on.

I believe in the first game marcus pheonix is in prison and Dom brings him to the squad or w/e ( after breaking him out ) its more like abandoned so doesn't matter,Anyways its past emergance day i believe and general ram ( u don't see him in the second game hes like the main boss in the first ) anyways u have to find out some stuff about the locust stronghold and u go and plant a lightmass bomb in there stronghold - it failed -
Theres itsy bitsy parts in there but its not really important.

Anyways in gears of war 2 your basically continueing that adventure,putting an end to the locust.

Any questions just ask,I have beaten both games.

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