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[PC-Game] Battlefield on Adrenaline
Well, i dont know if i posted it here somewhere, but the old video was reedited so

tis is me in the old days, flying in kubra dam

(if you have n older pc that cant decode HD fast enough, click here)

-~> i trained alot with the top stunter of bf2 and that took me to a high skill in stunting ;P i was one of the best stunter, who controlled flying by a normal mouse hehe...
there are alot scenes where you can see how bleeping close i was able to fly <3

game: bf2
stunter: me, Aika
music: carbon kid

(liked it? valley stuntrun here)


pls comment and rate
I remember you posting a video of your flying. I just looked at the thread few weeks ago. You're pretty good at it too.
It makes me wonder..
oh well, i think nao it is there where it shall be :P
Omg...that was beautiful flying...
I have left Toribash, but will drop in occasionally on the forums and IRC. Still in Sigma.
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Damn nice flying. Let's play some time.
EDIT: Username is Schwarzefeen.

i dont fly anymore y.y

thx drummer :"7