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512x512 head request (50k budget)
ive been using my silly little 128 cursed emoji head (below) for a while now, but now that i've started playing for real again, i suppose it's finally time i pick up some head art of my own.

Now let's get serious. First time I'm ever requesting art, so if you have any questions that I didn't cover feel free to ask.

Colors: Preferably fit to Impure Force (light grayish? lmao idk) + Persia Lax (real pretty, rich and vibrant purple. this one's a must unless you want to go the route below.) If you REALLY have an itch to make something a different color, I suppose that's fine. I have Quicksilver and Hunter Force on the backburner, as well as Sakura lax incase you want to hit me with some pretty pink.

Style: I would largely prefer something that pops out, with crisp lines. By "pops out", I mean that the brighter color you choose really stands out in the piece against the darker colors. Therefore, I'd prefer a highly stylized piece. I'd like to avoid the gold standard "anime" style if I can. Get creative! Masked, Robot, Abstract, Realistic, ruined/ancient/rusty, shiny/chrome/pristine, anything goes so long as it fits the color scheme.


So you don't end up wasting your time due to me being a picky bastard, I highly suggest posting some heads you've done in the past before you go through all the effort! It would really help me gauge your style to see if I vibe with it. I also don't expect the best of the best quality either, 50k is only like what, two bucks USD? I do at least expect a good quality piece at the very least. If you're an aspiring/up and coming artist, maybe this is your chance to really wow someone.

Also, yes, if you have a pre-made head that fits all of these requirements, I'd still love to see it. PM me for that, though.

I'll be looking forwards to seeing what's submitted, if anything at all is submitted.
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