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[CONCEPT] Concepts
Okay, when I used to program, I did a lot of work with sockets. I used to love to add extra features to online games through programs I would make that acted as proxies. And so when I talk about programming for Toribash, chances are that it will relate more to sockets than anything. Regardless, I have some concepts that I wanted to run by everyone.

Two in One Proxy
Basically, how this would work is.. It would allow two people to control a single tori-fighter. Now.. This might not be allowed, so I'm not going to release it if that is the case, but I'm considering making it for educational purposes. It would require two clients and two separate programs. Basically, I'd make a program that has two sockets that listens and one that connects. Essentially, I'd change servers.txt and add say.. Now, the first program listens on two separate ports. One is linked to the client through servers.txt. One is just listening for the moment. When the Toribash client connects to the port in servers.txt, a second socket will connect to the desired Toribash server. This will effectively stream the data through the program before it is processed to the server or the client.

A second program will be made for a second person. It will have one socket listening and one connecting. I'll do the same trick with servers.txt. The difference is that this time, the connection will be made to the original person. Now, data will be streamed from the server to both clients. Both clients will stream data to the server as one, effectively allowing two people to control the same person.

Replay Editor

A full environment to make hacking replays easier. It will allow you to insert frames, commands, edit frames, all while deciphering the moosh into easy to understand sentences.
First concept has a huge issue.

The client doesn't stream joint data until you hit space. Meaning you can't modify them in real-time.

I had the idea too ages ago and found that out as soon as I connected through telnet.
but still do the second one. :P
Hm.. But Jok, want if the first program holds the data from both spaces, looks for conflicts, and then sets the joints according to which user is given more priority?
Or just do something random with conflicting joints.

But then, if one player pings out, they both do, and whatnot.
Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!
True, but why would you WANT to play if your lover isn't there? And actually, both plays will disconnect only if the first person gets disconnected. If the one leaching off the first disconnects, nothing will happen.
Naw, it'd be easier to make it a combining server, in which case the people get split up into pairs of two and logged onto w/e server.
Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!
Very true. So there would be a client program and a proxy server program. Hm. I might do a little work this weekend and see what I can develop.
I would start talking about my knowledge, but i dont know anything.
I'm trying to learn c++.
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