Market Squad Recruitment Drive
I would get mysql for a good bot. Anyone who needs/wants a bot can go through a little bit of trouble to get mysql.

Especially if you aren't charging for people who are really going to use it.
Cooode for a bot SWEEET!
Some info :[clan] Look : IvoryStripe Click 8th Dan :p [I maek Art :D] -GATA-

Links to satisfy curiosity :
yeah but what if there all like

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get the point?
I have to agree with ravenger. So like a limit before you get kicked!
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
-Mohandas Gandhi
ach i've put my bot on hold temporarily.... for 2 reasons , first reason,
the latest code was on my thumb drive... which i forgot at my dads sunday -.-

Second, i have some other projects i have to do too.. But i'll probably be starting to recode it hopefully by the weekend ;)
Hmm, i'm thinking about scrapping this project. I've lost all interest in gaming AND programming lately, and i've been doing other things such as trying to get a social life again xD .. But, i think i'll opensource this so everyone can benefit from it. Or at least post parts of the program for you to use. I cant do it atm, but i'll likely get around to doing it tonight or something hopefully.

Sorry about this :/ But hopefully if i post some source it will be useful to someone.