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[REL] TBMonitor 3.0 -- HSSHSSSS
Some of you may remember my TBMonitor bot which is still being used on [spirit] server, which logged all chat, and enabled inter-chatting between IRC and TB.

I have remade the script in just 3 hours, using Python.

That is the shell window, running the script.

TB -> name: message is the syntax for Toribash server messages.
name: message is the syntax for IRC messages.

It also saves the logs to /var/www/tb/log.txt and a PHP script parses them into a php page, viewable here:

Current features:

* Both IRC and TB server connections, threaded.

* !IRC messages from TB to IRC.

Planned features:

* Timestamps. -- High priority

* Bug-fixing and config files -- High priority

* Authing system, enabling some commands for authed people (!TB, !announce, !join channel, !quit, !reboot) -- Medium priority

* !TB command. From IRC to TB, only with authing. -- Medium-Low priority

* Simple 'intelligence, lefse-style. -- Low priority

* Many other features.

The system is not fully released as of yet. That is because I must fix many things, and add actual config files, before I can release. I will update here when I do.

I actually wrote something like this today, in python(with twisted), it's just that it connects to the old 203.x servers fine, but it doesn't connect to the 66.x servers. What is your method of connecting?

If you'd like, I could collaborate or something with this, I have a authorize system worked out, although it may not fit in your script. The auth system is currently inside the script, but I'm completely sure I could get it into a outside file fairly easily. Right now, it uses the name of someone to authorize them. It probably has a security flaw, but I am unable to test it as of now.

I'll tell the features of mine-
I've tested these in the 203.x servers, so they should work.

  • !ssay - tells bot to say something
  • !svrsay - auth only - sends a custom command to the server(currently for debug purposes)
  • Automatically pings server to stay connected(not exactly a feature, more of a necessity)
  • !set - same as /set - needs auth
  • !reset - same as /reset - needs auth
  • auth system- needs updating for possible security reasons
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