Mod Gauntlet
What you could do is just tell people to "/connect", instead of having the whole servers.txt thing.

Anyway i also get the MSWINSCK.OCX error...
*installs VB studio 6* <== should fix it.

Also, source please :>
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I made a proxy for TB, but havent been bothered to do anything with it.
for mine, ingame you just say /conn iport and it connects you to a server..
and the program stores your credentials and stuff.
Will you add a status report like thing? Where a little pop up thing comes out on the bottom of your screen and says like your 4th in line etc.
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Can do.

Please note, I've decided to start from scratch in VB.NET.

Oh, if you're using .NET and need some help, don't hesitate to ask me through pm. I do alot of .NET coding, so .. Yeah .. I do C#, i dont use VB. i havent used it for a few months now.. but i reckon i could still come up with some code if asked. Anyways.