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[REL] AutoSave Replay AutoSorter

This was requested by Nuthug, though he wanted it to sort by game mode.

This is the most basic version you'll get. It auto-sorts any replays in the same folder as it by Tori's name. Make sure to place this in your autosave folder, or else. There is no error handling in it yet. I wanted to post this first version and gauge the general reaction before I go deeper into it. Ideas for future versions will be sorting by the names of uke, or player 2 or 3. (Note that this can easily be done if I change 1 character. I also may have it sort by match settings, though I'll need a list of all the preset matches you want, in the NEWGAME form, as I don't feel like doing it myself.. :P

To use, drop it in your autosave folder, then run it, Calculate, and Sort. Have fune.

Edit: Fixed an error with it not showing the file it's reading.
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I see what you did there.

Its nice, but needs more sorting criteria.

Ill give it 2 lolcats.