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[DIAF] How long have you been a member of DIAF
You read the title post that shit look on the old application thread for when cann accepted you
oh good
umm do u kno when i joined
i think i joined diaf on like
3- 5- 2009
ex Ldr[HoLy]iceman21...
...we have come.....
hmm well i think i joined DIAF sumtime around april im gonna go with at least 18-24th of april
i joined tb 15th of january 2009
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january 28 2009


How did you join during Janurary, when your join date was on Februrary? ._.

Also, Joined Feb 27 of 2009 in 18: 34 pm :P and left at April 7.

I'm not trying to piss anyone off here, I'm just letting you guys know.
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