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Trivia For Items (Blue Belt Max)
Ok, i have 7 extra items and i want to make trivia.
-trivia is for beginners up to blue belt max. which means if u are brown belt or above you can't enter.
-trivia will have 7 questions. each user can attend to answer only one question (which means maximum number of items one can win here is 1.)
-in answering post u have to copy original question, answer on it (hopefully correct) and hope u are first who answered correctly.
-each question is linked with one item so decide which item do u want and answer that question only
-there is no deadline, i will announce when trivia is over (when there are all 7 winners and when i answer all posts)

1.What is Hampa's full name? (first and last name) [Aqua Primary Gradient]
2.What gender is Lady Gaga? [Chronos Blood]
3. Is this correct? 2+2=3 [Chronos Ghost]
4. Is it true if you masturbate alot you can get blind? [Chronos Timer]
5. Do you hate moderator "Chozo"? (hint, correct answer is "yes") [Chronos User Text]
6. You have to watch following clip and describe in detail what did you just saw. [Marine Force]
7.Do you think i was over the top with fifth question? (hint, correct answer is "no") [Marine Secondary Gradient]
1. Roflman80 wins [Aqua Primary Gradient]
4. ProPo361 wins [Chronos Timer]
6. davidrules wins [Marine Force]
7. TheParkour wins [Marine Secondary Gradient]
5. Ilvsy1 wins [Chronos User Text]
2. and 3. Monotono wins [Chronos Blood and Chronos Ghost]
Trivia finished, close thread
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Originally Posted by TheParkour View Post
2. shes a female
3. nah
2+2 is just like 1+1+1+1 or 1 x 4 = 4
1+1+1+1 = 4
2+2 = 4
2x2 + 4 is it correct now

trivia is closed since yesterday
when does it start again
*trigger happy*a
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