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Been playing alot of competitive Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Melee, (been going to tourneys and shit with my team), Modding the fuck outta Minecraft is something Ive been doing recently since my computer is a savage beast. Oh and I play Darksouls 1,2 and 3 alot.

But there hasnt been a competitive scene for SSBB since like a month after release
I think I might be retired.
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Lol I literally googled that game to see what it is ...
GJ RKG, best game out there I swear.


Googled xD

GOOD JOB guys!!! Go ahead!! <3
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Like i said, Any game really that interest me.
[insert generic quotes from certain players]
DotA, DotA, oh and this cool moba game called DotA
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I play :
Assassin Creed 2 "finished the game "
Assassin's creed 3 " same "
Assassin's creed 4 " same ?
CS GO " Global Elite "
Toribash " i dont know why i added it "
Minecraft " level 69 f4g - pro mner "
Neighbors from hell " finished "
Neighbros from hell 2 " same "
INSIDE " same "
Geometry Dash " same "
Grand theft Auto V + online " level 81 with 2 B + all Cars , hacked "
The incredibles 2 " on ps2 , finished the game more then 69 times "

... to be continued
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