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Activity check and Legendary clans news
Good morning to all of you,

Today's news have been in discussion for quite a while among the clan staff team, and today they can finally be announced to the public.

What exactly is the news?

We have 2 major news points.

Thank you all for reading, if you have any questions or objections feel free to point them out in this thread, cheers.
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Yeah, couple of objections.

1. The need for automation

I've done more than a couple of activity checks during my time in clan squad and clan council, and it's certainly not as big a chore as you're making it out to be (especially considering clan squad have the least amount of work to do out of any staff group). 30 minutes of work, 2 times a year. That's nothing.

2. The problem with automation

Look at how you calculate in-game activity. 50% of members have to play 30 games or more per month. I bet this robot doesn't take into account that official clans often have 'inactive ranks' where leaders place their inactive people. These people will have been included in the robot's calculation (resulting in an erroneous activity assessment). Under the human-managed activity check system, the people in these kind of ranks were excluded from calculations. I imagine this would be a big contributing factor to my final point...

3. Under this new system, 31/41 official clans are considered inactive

So unless you want 10 official clans (two of which are Red and Blue, lol), you might wanna rethink this. Didn't this raise alarm bells for anyone? Feels like this system was designed by Gynx, lol.
Feel like I have to disclaimer this by saying I'm not looking to start a shitshow here. This just all seems unnecessary and problematic.
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With my time in the clan squad, if someone was missing, trying to fill that gap was just obnoxious. Especially if that person was the clan admin. We just didn't do any checks, barely. 2 times a year always seemed like too little anyway, that's why this move for automation was a good move in our eyes. We can now do monthly checks with ease.


50% of players have to play 30+ games a month to get full points mind you. And honestly, if your clan consists of more than 50% absolutely inactive players, then you need to rethink your member list.


Yes, with the initial check, a lot of clans were inactive. A few of them were just a couple of points away from being active, a the majority would just need to pull their weight more to get active, and the others are just inactive. We don't want next to dead clans getting by our checks because they do the absolute bare minimum (which really was quite the minimum). This is exactly why we are giving a grace period instead of straight up removing these clans, so they can boost up their activity. Our intention is to have active clans.
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1. Monthly checks? That shortens the amount of time clan have to fix themselves, resulting in more clan deaths. A rather 'butcherous' idea, if I may say so

2. So yeah, the robot doesn't factor in 'inactive ranks' and yeah, the resulting activity assessment will be erroneous (whether it's off by a whole lot, or even a little).

3. If you're happy to make some changes to this, perhaps consider upping forum activity by 10 points. Take the 10 points clans get from XP (it's redundant, they get the points from wars anyway) and assign it to forum activity. It doesn't need to be valued as low as it does.

In the current point breakdown, you have in-game activity represented 3 times over (wars, XP, in game activity) vs. forum activity represented once.

Warned clans get, at minimum, 3 months (3 strike system, if they fail 3 times in a row, they die). Considering that you can get 50 points rather easily if you are active ingame plus forums, this isn't the hardest thing to achieve. We wanted to push clans into the game, and that's what this is going to do.


Yes, it doesn't. Because your clan shouldn't consist of more than 50% inactive players, not 50% either. Nowhere close.


I wouldn't say it's valued low. For full points from forum activity you are up to 40% of the way to an active mark, without even touching the game. That's more than enough imo. As long as you then war a few times a month and get your players to play the game, you can pass easily.

EDIT: Even made a mistake, while if you have 30+ games as a player you are 'active', or green, you only need 5+ games to be considered as active by the check. So really, the numbers your players have to put in are easily attainable.
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We wanted to push clans into the game, and that's what this is going to do.

I see. If this is the rationale behind these new changes (instead of solely reducing staff workload), then yeah, I can get behind this. Makes sense. Carry on, oh fabled Butcher-King
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[*]In-game activity - 0 - 45 pts.
The major point-winner. If 50% of your members are active (5+ games per month), you will get full points.

This is stupid, I don't know any other way to say it. If you are going to do this, make it possible to have an 'inactive group' where you can put old inactive players that aren't included in the checks. It's just outright disrespectful to force clans to kick some of their most influential past members for the sake of staying alive. Some clans have a rich past, let them respect it.
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The way we see it, if you want to get full points for ingame activity, then your clan should not consist of more than 50% of inactive members. Again, that's for full points, you don't need to have 50% of your players be active to get any points, just full points.
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Some clans have a rich past, let them respect it.

I imagine those with the richest past would be rewarded with a legend thread in which they could continue lingering.

For the rest, it could be a fun journey back to official - Reinvigorate the clan with new enthusiasm and new blood.
Though, I would suggest instead of splitting in-game into 3 distinct categories (XP, wars, in-game activity), you combine in-game activity with XP or combine in-game activity with wars. Wars make up the vast majority of XP gained, so essentially wars are counted twice over. Not all clans enjoy warring, so I feel it's a bit harsh to punish them if they don't war - Instead, just transfer those points over to general in-game activity. Give a think at least ey.
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