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Toribash 5.41
Hi, Toribash 5.41 is here!

A bunch of new stuff in this update:

  • Updated main menu
    We've removed rarely used tabs and buttons and added some new stuff: News, Store and Account:
    • News is a reworked version of old Home tab, but is now only used for events and news and not other stuff.
    • Store is the reworked Torishop, see more about it below
    • Account tab allows you to access inventory and view clans, and also shows main information about your account, including your daily earnings, qi limit reset timer (will show after you've reached daily limit) and subscription expiry time.
    There are also some tweaks to how scaling on different screen sizes works and a lots of other little tweaks.

  • New Store
    You can now browse Torishop without leaving your current game and still being able to preview majority of in-game items.
    There's search, there are auto downloads for newly released items, and it allows you to buy items with your Shiai Tokens!

  • In-game SP Events
    You can now participate in SP events without accessing forums!
    The first event you can participate in directly from game client is Hole in the Wall - you can access it from News tab right now.


Download Toribash 5.41 on Steam (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Standalone installers:

April 1st update (no jokes sorry):
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Pushed an update on Steam with some fixes and Tools tab updates:
  • Updated Tools tab to include more buttons (mod list, game rules and shaders): screenshot
  • Fixed tutorials launching after creating new account
  • Fixed clans view when current user is the only clan member
  • Fixes to joint obj item previews in Store

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I was testing the tutorial earlier and I found that :


I was hovering over the joint and the text box that is supposed to appear only when I was on a joint was not erased.

On this screenshot I was hovering over every joint fast to see how far we could go, I crashed... But in a normal situation, for the normal punch we have to do all important joints were completely covered.

This might be an old glitch, yet noone talked about it.
Edit, I had to restart after the tutorial because the glitch was still on in freeplay or multiplayer.
Holding all also make the glitch appear.
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Was zurük bleibt it’s erinnerung
Make this girl LMod
I had the same problem, but not on that scale.
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This might be an old glitch, yet noone talked about it.

...hmmm, I've never seen that before
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hurh hurh hurh *chews grass*
I'll try that later Rosoe.

Nope that didn't work, the in game torishop would just take me to the forum shop instead but thanks anyway
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hey sorry I havent played toribash in awhile , do I have to redownload the whole game to update it? I currently have version 5.33.