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Forums Visual Overhaul
Hi, we're currently working on visual overhaul for forums and would like to gather some of your thoughts / showcase what we've got so far.
This thread (and this post in particular) will be receiving updates as we add more stuff.

You can also try it yourself by enabling "Modern" forum skin in User CP options:

Base theme will be dark but we'll also be making a light one based on it once it's finished.
You'll still be able to use current default styling (forums only) if you wish.

Some misc info:
- New visuals are built with Bootstrap.
- All pages scale accordingly to your device screen size. On some pages, that would also hide less important information for devices with smaller screens (see screenshots below).
- Fonts we use are Roboto, Roboto Condensed for top navigation and Badaboom.
- We want to bring back post voting/rating system.
- Search is now available for all users who can make posts.
- Social groups and Competitions modules have been disabled due to their redundancy.

Forum Home

Board view

Thread view


User CP

Some details on breadcrumbs:
Breadcrumbs (top dark bar with "Toribash Community / Toribash / ..." text) is always visible and will stick to top of your screen both in desktop and mobile mode. In mobile, it's also used to hold a button to open main navigation menu.
Quick search will search for threads or posts within forum section, board or thread you're currently viewing. For example, searching "Overhaul" from forum home, News board and this thread will give you three different results. If you want to apply custom search settings, choose "Advanced search" option from the right breadcrumbs dropdown menu. When viewing user's page (member.php), it will search for the user under specified name.
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How accurate is the % of games in each mod? Is it counting from a specific date or is it including every game you've ever played?

It counts all games since January 1st, 2011
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The white text on white background when writing a post in the Light theme ought to be changed.

Should be fixed now, there are still some more issues with WYSIWYG editor due to its backend using deprecated javascript functions though which I'll be addressing later. I don't really want to disable WYSIWYG until it's 100% operational in case someone actually prefers using it, but chances are everyone had the default advanced editor enabled earlier (difference is WYSIWYG applies formatting directly and advanced editor shows bbcode tags; WYSIWYG was broken for Chromium-based browsers due to outdated forum backend that was updated about a month ago).

Also fixed the bug with clan rank creation failing on new themes, should be working as expected now.
The way the threads display at android is a bit random, some overlapping symbols and stuff, added screenshot.
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Would it be possible to have two options for VIP backgrounds? One for dark and one for light, the background changes depending on the user's forum theme.

Some vip backgrounds look weird with the dark theme.

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Comments on the new look:

You absolutely NAILED the new user profile page - but some suggestions:

(Why'd they remove the button to implement spoilers - now I can't remember how to add it manually, I tried using [SPOILER])
This is looking a bit cluttered. My default zoom is 110% however this was taken at 125%, though 110% still looks a little messy. The spacing between the left hand lines only seems to apply if the list items on the left don't take up multiple lines. In this screenshot it literally looks like a sentance that's meant to be read from top down. There should be more spacing at least.

Another general suggestion is the option to turn off the dark theme. Not a huge fan of the dark theme but perhaps I'll get used to it.

I'd also like to see some sort of visual line divider between the contents of each list and the title of the next - just to sharpen things up.

I think the extra space on the right of this toolbar could be utilized e.g. enabling users to add their own bookmarks to places within the forum they regularly visit just like in Chrome. Not sure how that'd be implemented though.

Suggestion regarding one's clan page: Change the font of the usernames in the list of members such that it matches the rest of the forums perhaps.

Also colour links red or at least make them bold. I don't see why that aspect of the old forum was disregarded.
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Why don't the user titles show up in the threads?
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Why don't the user titles show up in the threads?

They do if you have your forum fullscreen. If it only covers half of the screen or you use mobile, they don't show to save space.
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Reputation system is now enabled, you can upvote and downvote posts on new forum themes