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Clan League 2019 Collectors Cards

Clan League 2019 is nearing its end, and to celebrate that we've released some new Collectors Cards with this year's top 4 clans!

Get the Clan League Collectors Cards in Torishop
Note that you can only buy one card of a type.

They will be available for purchase until the end of August, so don't miss your chance to buy one!
A reminder that it's the last week to get the cards if you're still planning to - starting wtih Sep 1st they'll be made unavailable for purchase
haven't received the st or tori prime for 1st place in clan league event even though clan league ended like a idk 3-4 weeks ago, kinda a shame because I wanted to get the win card and I now cannot smfh.
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To be honest i have a same issue here :s
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6th of September, still available.

If you're going to deceive people and keep it available even after alleged discontinuation date I'd like a refund
Cards are available for slightly longer because CL prizes weren't sent on time.
ES did the ST sending today, cards will be removed from shop later next week.

If you want a refund, PM me.
Can u maybe add activate button on cards? I purchased so i can keep it in my active...
Pm me for deals
i glitched my card in my active