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Hello! Welcome to my Shop

Welcome to my shop! I'm looking to buy anything you have. I will pay in TC or Item Trade.
Check my TC and Qi before offering, you offer first! Do not ask me to offer first. Please keep in mind that I am a reseller. I will not buy/sell it if I cannot make a profit off it. If you're looking to purchase an item know that lowballs will be ignored. To reach me faster about purchasing an item; Message through PM or discord! Dracula#6148

Feel Free to Dump and Junk items into my deactivated :]

Interested in

Textures - Forces / Relaxes - Packs
Cheap Flames (Will pay 15k+ for any flame) Post ID with Screenshots
3d items (With decent price drop from market price. Price fluctuates too much)

Miscellaneous - Ghost/Blood/Trails/Gradients/Emote/User Text/Grip/Timer/Hair Color/Torso (Decent price drop from market)

Items I'm Currently Selling/Trading

Accepting TC - USD - Item Overtrade

Set: 00: $USD Only - (Full sets are only sold together)
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Random
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Torsos
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Textures
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Sounds
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Packs/Flames/Misc
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Motion Trails
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Hair Colors
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Gradients
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Ghosts
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Forces/Relaxes
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Color Misc
ToriShop (toribash.com) - Bloods
ToriShop (toribash.com) - 3D Models

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