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Market Outreach
Hello community!

Consider this thread the right place to express your opinion and thoughts on the current market!
The purpose of this thread is to resolve as many things as possible that may not be pleasing the community lately due to the new market system etc. With that in mind, we staff would like to collect as many suggestions as possible to make the market a place where people enjoy being a part of.

What kind of suggestion can you make? I'll give you a list:
  • Events suggestions
  • Items that should be restocked/brought back to the shop
  • Rule changes
  • Punishment changes
  • TC sales
  • Market and Store tab on client
  • Trading in general
If there's any other topic that's not on the list and you'd like to discuss about, just go ahead and mention it.

*We are looking for areas of improvement and suggestions on how to make the community a better place, please do not use this thread to troll or make any comments not related to the original post.
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