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What if there's no beer in heaven? Re: Goughy
Wassup brahs!

I have the pleasure to answer one of the greatest questions in Toribash community history made by Goughy a.k.a. Ryan.

What if there's no beer in heaven?

Firstly, the chatgpt answer, for ethical reasons ofc.

"The question of whether there will be beer (or any specific earthly pleasure) in heaven is a matter of personal belief and religious interpretation. Different traditions and individuals may have various perspectives on the afterlife. Here are a few ways people might respond to the idea:

  • Symbolic Understanding: Some might interpret beer, or any earthly pleasure, as symbolic of greater, more profound joys in heaven. The pleasures of heaven are often described as surpassing any earthly experience."

Ultimately, the question invites personal reflection on what one values and expects in the concept of an afterlife."

My alternative hypothesis: There's beer or something BETTER than beer in heaven.

My H0: There's no beer or something BETTER than beer in heaven.

It's already known that there will be wine a.k.a. sugar cane brandy in heaven, for those who like stronger stuff, ofc.

What great Toribash community question, mystery or curiosity you would like to see debunked by me? Reply below. Thank you!
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