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I think we should be invite only until we get a solid memberbase again. A ton of faggots with decent skill like to come into our servers, get accepted, and disappear.

How about we first invite the big names in Aikido and sparring?

Agreed ^_^
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Name: Real-Daniel Tb-DeathNoteX (or DNX for short)
Belt: Blackbelt once again... (meaning I was blackbelt [200 games to 2nd dan] before the hack)
Strongest -30 mod: Aikido
Weakest -30 mod: (this space was intentionally left blank)
Why you want to join: I would like to join this because it seems like a very well organized organization. TNT would also sound pretty decent on my name as a tag...
Why should we accept you: Well I would post here everyday and check the forums regularly... I spend more time on the forums than actually in game... Meaning I spend most of the day online in the forums and have access to the forums 24/7 through my phone.
Replays: enjoy (it's in page 7)

I don't wanna be a bug or anything but
/me cough cough*
☼Extreme til the end☼
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Name: Alex/Hours
Belt: Currently Green. With all my 5 - 10 accounts 7th - 9th dan.
Strongest -30 mod: Orginal.
Weakest -30 mod: -30.00 Spinny
Why you want to join: Because I seen your videos, they are pretty cool. Im an video make myself. I can give you some tips. And I want to join a really good Org. Heres my videos.
Why should we accept you: Because Im a great player, can mess around with the ninja Uke.
Replays: Here.
Name: Moneshot
Belt: 8th dan black belt
Strongest -30 mod: Aikido?
Weakest -30 mod: Wushu

Why you want to join: Because Swammy2 is epic
Why should we accept you: Im in Swammy's Army and I like the word " Ninja" and once again, Swammy2 is epic
-4 of your best MP fights

Oh wait sorry just saw invite only.
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