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I would like the join the Toribash Gambling Organization. I have been playing Toribash for about two years now. For the past two years, I have though about joining TGO. I have plenty of experience in hosting and betting. When I first started to host betting servers, I would use the guide on the TGO forums and it really helped a lot. Now, I frequently host my own betting servers, some successful, and some not so much. Through my past experiences, I have learned how to make well rounded betting server where everyone is able to enjoy themselves.

I am also a bit of a gambler myself. Whenever I see someone advertise a betting server, I tend to join. Betting servers are always fun to join and host. Betting is risky, and that makes it all the more fun. The feeling of being able to lose your tc at any moment is exhilarating, and if you win, you get a great sense of accomplishment. I enjoy gambling and hosting very much, and I feel that this would be a great org for me to join.
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A hasbeen like the rest
Hello I'd like to join this org as I think I meet the criteria, I am certainly a gambler when it comes to Toribash, I enjoy betting and dueling. Not much more I can say apart from some statistics..

My highest bet made is around 200k.

Highest single duel I have done is 1kk duelmode (/duelmode 1000000 winner takes 2kk ) I won.

My max TC is 2.6kk all made from dueling.
So....Hey guys I want to apply to this organization because I really like betting and dueling.Highest bet I ever did was 150k and highest duel was 400k(worth of items) sadly I lost and still am bankrupt to this day (this happened few weeks ago).You really should accept me because i iz swag

Hey guys, seems like you're getting inactive... Here is my app anyways:
My name is Finn I love to bet and I duel Every now and then. My highest best was 40k and my highest duel was 25k. I've hosted 5 bet servers before. I love gambling because it's the rush you feel when you think someone is gonna win/lose and you really hope they do win!
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