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Flame Assistance
Even if you aren't accepted as an experienced forger/designer, we can help answer questions for basic things.

If you haven't seen the basic functions tutorial, go here:

Anything else advanced is generally using multiple functions to make effects. For example, max emit_scale and zero gravity makes particles appear on an area around the bodypart.
When you press create, it will tell you the cost in TC to create the flame item. If you press create again, the item is put into your active inventory and will show up on your character for everyone online to see.
Sorry for the double post, but as I wanted to make this post aware that it was here. The last post is outdated anyway, I found out the question.

New Question:

FNugget, how do you preview the flames on your character and save them so you can load them back later? Like you do with your flames.

Just to be more clear, how can I save a flame and load it onto a replay for preview purposes.

Also how can do I save and load it back into the forger so I can create the flame if a person wants to buy it.
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Can anyone forge a flame since the bought flame forgers are gone?
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