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ToriCredit Selling Rules
1. TC bonuses in your shop are now illegal.
20$ = 200k + 20k must be;
20$ = 200k
Item and flame bonuses are allowed though.
2. 50k = 10$ ALWAYS
3. You need to offer at least 500k in one thread when selling tc.
This post will be updated with any new rules that are placed.
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i hate this idea why is it this i object no not good

You know why? It destroys the fun of selling TC AND there is a very strict rule of $1=10k. It was set by Nabi itself.
100k is the max tc one can sell for 10$.

There is no objection if you can sell 10k for 10$.
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Yes, it would be $20 for 200k
Read the Market Rules
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Clarifying some rules.

2. $1 = 10k TC is the minimum cost per TC rate.

People keep getting confused as to whether the original rule meant that $2 = 10k was okay or $0.2 = 10k. "100k is the max for $10" does explain better, but not too well. It may make more sense among common public though.

3. 500k willing to be offered.

There is sort of a work around for #3 though...
[11:41] <@FNugget> gman: what about a scheme like this
[11:42] <@FNugget> $10 = 100k+ pack, anything more = $100000
[11:45] <~gman> thats actually ok