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TC IS NOW 10$ for 50k.
SO 1$ = 5k.


I'm editing my TC shop
Recently in the market, a user sold an account with 2qi and 200,000tc on it for $20.

While under the current rule set, this is an account sale and there is no rule regarding what you can and can't sell in an account, this was a blatant exploitation of the TC selling standardization rules.

For future reference, any sort of rule avoidance in the market will result in suspension and market permissions being removed. We have standardized the rules to make thing fair to all of you, and it's asinine to allow actions that are clearly avoiding rules simply because there is not an explicit rule addressing the situation.

This is to secure fairness amongst yourselves, as well as to uphold the rules that Nabi has put forth regarding TC sales. If you see/hear of any sort of exploitation, report it immediately.

There will be a new rule(s) in place regarding the sale of accounts and the avoidance of rules, but until then, the previous statement stands. Exploit the rules = face the consequences.