head texture,right shin texture,right hand texture,right hand trail texture,right foot texture and gaia full trail set?
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Head texture 100 TC. Right hand texture 800-1,400 TC. Right hand trail texture 2,500-4,200 TC. Right foot texture 800-1,400 TC. Gaia trails are like 10 TC each, they are only 30 TC each in the torishop
All 128 body textures go for around 800-1,400 TC. (Except the 128 head texture, which is 200 TC in he torishop and like 100 TC in the market
Football helmets?
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you're on thin ice, pal
how much would this cost?
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id 2008

with particle tex

without particle tex

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It's 15 USD and I think 1 USD = 1000 tc

So I think it's around 15k

You're not a marketer
You don't know how to price itens
Don't post about something you don't know

They used to be 75 - 80k on the market