Demo force - 70k
Warrior force - 25k
Hunter force - 20 - 25k
Full 512 - 320k depends if you are buying or selling.
Alright, I've moved this thread here so that more people will know of its existence. There will a couple more rules, check the first post.
Originally Posted by altwcre666 View Post
Evaluation Type: tc
Name: altwcre666
TC total: 0
Qi: 12793
Inventory link:
Ban/infraction history:
Booster/Toribash prime information: Toriprime, but don't know how to check how long it will last for.
Anything else you wish to add:

Sphinx lax 1.2k
Ground text - 15k
Mysterio lax - 12 - 15k
Dq texture - 25k usually but it is selling fore more then normal at the moment. So 28k is what you should be looking for.
Evaluation Type: (TC, USD or both)
Name: Link1020
TC total:6 TC
Qi: 1350
Inventory link:Nothing in inventory.
Ban/infraction history: A few infractions, though expired long time ago.
Booster/Toribash prime information: None.
Anything else you wish to add: 1.3k posts.
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