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Bromo-team revival
Why waste a good official organization? I'd do a long winded speech here if that was necessary.

Active BT members, please post here to notify me that you are active.

As a revival project, we'll be holding 5-10 tourneys, with a flames as the prizes. (All sponsored by KiTFoX).
The mod will most hopefully be spiritwrestling in most of these tourneys. It's such an underrated mod and really needs more publicity

(Thread on the public forum because no one remembers the password to the Bro's only section.)
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Here i am.
I'll be kinda busy with studying and homework for a couple days, but i'll try to help with the hosting as much as i can.

And i do remember the password, lol.
I'll be able to handle any admin related requests, or maybe host some forum events. I don't really have the time for hosting daily tournaments :<
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