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If you dont like me for this, sorry, but i want to in in the bromo team.

-Why you want to join: because being in a team that hosts alot of tourneys would be fun, and most probably increase my toribash and tourney knowledge.

-How could You contribute to the bromo-team: i dont realy need any of my tc, so i can give hosts some to higher the prizes in tourneys, and mabye get more people interested in the tourneys.

-Age: 12, 13 in 19 days.

-Art or hosting? i have done a few noob-ish heads before, and they are all emo heads(so you know they are rubbish) pics:

-(i cant do hats >.<)

-(i know, its very plain)

~If you have chosen art, please link to your portfolio, or a work you have done.

-Previous experience (if any). look above. and if you mean hosting tourneys, none.

-Referrals (if you have any). none

again, im sorry if you are now not accepting applications, but i really want to be in the bromo team and help out.

EDIT: i just want to know, is this being discussed in the bro-zone, because in the (now closed) application thread, it says all applications would be discussed in the bros only forum?

if thats a secret dont say a thing
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Something about busses:D