Right k.

Well hurry up and decide the board sub titles, private board name etc so I can get the app sent in.
Org name: Toribash Coding Union
Org subtitle: For everyone who enjoys coding or wants to learn.
Moderators: Pedant and Tapion and Yoyo
Private board name: private $board
Private board subtitle: bits and bytes

just tell Delaid that I've already sent the TC
Originally Posted by ugonadie6 View Post
What would you like to learn? Personally I can make websites.


If your looking to make games (C++) go to pendant. Looking to make scripts with ruby go to yoyo.


Pendant you should put what type of coding we can do beside our name just for references. Just a suggestion.

I would like to learn to make web sites and games? Would that be possible.
Oh and maybe scripts.
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