May I join this org. I am skilled in.

Html, Css, Basic javascript.

<ugonadie6> Im hear about join the org[01:26] <ugonadie6> here*
[01:27] <ugonadie6> I know css html basic java
[01:28] <~lsl> k, cool
[01:28] <ugonadie6> do you need an example? i have a local website community for skateboarder
[01:28] <ugonadie6> skateboarders*
[01:29] <~lsl> an example would be nice, but not necessary
[01:29] <~lsl> I'll add you in a moment
[01:29] <ugonadie6> k thanks
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Sorry for the wait, added.

Also, feel free to pop in and see what we're about, even if you have no intention of actually learning/contributing anything. I'll be compiling a list of helpful tutorials soon, and I'll add them to the first post as a link over the language's name.
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Can I learn please? Anything.

You don't have to ask, just come to IRC and talk to people. That way if you get stuck with anything, odds are that you'll have someone who can help close at hand.
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The real Catastrophe gave me this account, 86 the joining.