courts?! LMAO i know what it feels like to have been bullied and also to be a bully, its not that good to be either but it doesnt need to goto courts, the no-bulling law is just another way for us to spend money on lawyers and for the government to get richer.
i think if you cant beat the bully in a fight or dont have enough friends to back you up, just move schools.
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I used to daydream of murdering my peers during class o.o

And these days I am against bullying, I put them in THEIR place now.
While i was in school i saw my friend being bullied. I mean, guys was calling him fag and those other things. Once he told me that he will someday revenge he actually did it. While there was summer and You didn't have to go to school he was training at gym. Same goes with every other day, sure he got a little down in grades, but not that much. At the end of school (hard to explain for you guys Polish school system, but lets say he was then 16 years old) he literally punch in face one of guys that was bullying him with words. They shut up for the rest of school (that was week or something till summer and then next school "level") time that left.

What can i say? If you want to, you can improve yourself and stop those bullies. You can go to teachers or you can do it yourself, but remember - using force should be last thing you think of.
I've been bullied a lot in lower grades. I went from first class to third class, so people started calling me all sorts of things. In 5'th grade, they started to hit me and such. I decided to take a baseball bat with me in school. They stayed away from me.

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They bullied me for a really short period due racism so I decided to practice Taekwondo for my confidence. It really helped me, I decided to be agressive for one time and they stopped forever.
yo this is not going to stop if its a fight the little kid wanted let him try to get it. its mostly the parents fault because they dont raise the kids up right and sometimes let them have it therselves but it always comes back to haunt them in the long run
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